PLEASE SEE THE MESSAGE BELOW FROM ITS Who: Students, faculty, and staff who record Zoom meetingsWhat: Deletion of all UNGG Zoom cloud recordings created prior to September 1, 2020When: Friday, December 11, 2020 Due to an unanticipated number of Zoom meetings, UNCG is close to exceeding our allotted Zoom cloud storage. Consequently, Information Technology Services (ITS) will delete […]

The UNCG Web Accessibility Coordinator will be offering a virtual workshop on how to make online video platforms accessible for everyone, on Thursday, November 5th from 12:00-12:30pm. Did you know that UNCG’s most commonly used platforms have features that will make posting videos and hosting virtual meetings more accessible to everyone? This workshop will show […]

Zoom recently released a new feature that could change how your attendees participate in breakout rooms. Update Zoom To utilize this new feature, you may need to update your Zoom client. Zoom updates do not happen automatically by UNCG, occasionally Zoom may do a push, but this something you should consider checking occasionally. Review the […]

At UNC Greensboro, we have many online video platform options available to our faculty, staff, and students. The handout below was created as a quick guide to help you differentiate between your options so that you can choose the best tool for your needs. If you have questions about your options, please feel free to […]