As part of Zoom’s commitment to connecting users across the world, they are focused on continually enhancing their features to provide a platform that is accessible to all of the diverse communities they serve. So it is important that you frequently check for updates to get the most out of this tool. A recent addition to the […]

If you are not regularly checking for Zoom updates, please consider doing so in order to have access to the most engaging aspects of this tool. Update Zoom To utilize these new features, you may need to update your Zoom client. Zoom updates do not happen automatically by UNCG, occasionally Zoom may do a push, […]

Beginning February 1, 2021, Zoom cloud recordings will be automatically deleted 30 days after their creation. Instructors who plan to use the Zoom-Canvas integration to schedule and record meetings should enable Panopto Video in their course before hosting any Zoom meetings. This setting ensures that all Zoom cloud recordings for class meetings are automatically transferred to Panopto where they remain indefinitely. […]

An upcoming session on how to use Panopto to share Zoom recordings in Canvas is scheduled for January 19th from 12:00pm-12:30pm. This session will be offered by UNCG Libraries through their Online Learning & Innovation Webinar series. Please consider attending if you will be using Zoom through Canvas to record sessions for your courses. Please […]

At UNC Greensboro, we have many online video platform options available to our faculty, staff, and students. The handout below was created as a quick guide to help you differentiate between your options so that you can choose the best tool for your needs. If you have questions about your options, please feel free to […]