The UTLC is pleased to offer UNCG instructors free access to Auburn’s Teaching with AI course beginning this summer. The course was developed by Auburn University’s Biggio Center for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning and will be facilitated by teaching and learning staff at UNCG. The course is intended for instructors who would like to integrate Generative AI into […]

The joint workshop is a collaborative effort among Indiana University Bloomington, University of Hamburg, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and UNCG. It offers a learning exchange platform for both researchers and practitioners to share and explore partnership efforts between research and practice in various educational contexts. The two-day workshop is designed for researchers, […]

The ACUE program has been an essential tool in UNCG’s broader response to the evolving needs of our students and celebrating our campus culture of teaching excellence. Our next offering of ACUE teaching micros and the Fostering a Culture of Belonging (FCB) course will begin in late January 2024.  Contact Laura Pipe ([email protected]) directly if […]