Focus Mode allows the host and co-hosts of the Zoom meeting to see their participants’ videos, while the participants can see the host and co-host without seeing one another. With the focus mode feature, hosts and co-host can help participants stayed focused without being distracted by other participants video feeds or feeling self-conscious about turning on their own camera.   

Besides the host, co-hosts, and participants spotlighted by the host, participants in focus mode can still see their own video but only see other participants’ names, their nonverbal feedback or reactions, and hear them when unmuted.

This feature includes screen sharing control, as the host and co-host can view and switch between each participant’s shared screen, while the participants can only view their own content. If the host finds a participant’s content should be shared with others, they can easily begin sharing the participant’s screen with others.

Learn how to enable focus mode, use focus mode in a meeting, and see examples from Zoom.

Update Zoom

To utilize new Zoom features, you may need to update your Zoom client. Zoom updates do not happen automatically by UNCG, occasionally Zoom may do a push, but this something you should consider checking occasionally. Review the Upgrade/update to the latest version article from the Zoom Help Center or view the video below to see how you can update your version.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out,, as the SOE Instructional Technology Consultants (ITC’s) are here to help!