The UTLC is creating resources that demonstrate a pathway for how instructors can provide student accessibility accommodations in a timely, effective manner in any mode of teaching. To better understand how instructors currently implement academic accommodations, you are invited to take a 5–10 minute anonymous survey. Please share your experiences, challenges, and preferences so we […]

The A11Y Corner is all about accessibility, with a specific focus on accessibility-related pedagogies that also support overall equity and inclusiveness. A11Y (pronounced “A-one-one-Y”, or A-eleven-Y”) is a numeronym for the word “accessibility”. It is used most often as shorthand, especially on social media platforms such as Twitter. When you see it, remember A11Y=Accessibility. They’ll […]

Did you know that Canvas offers an accessibility checker anywhere in your course where you use the Rich Content Editor. The Rich Content Editor Accessibility Checker can assist you in maintaining accessibility requirements within your Canvas content. The Accessibility Checker is located in the Rich Content Editor menu bar. The Accessibility Checker verifies attributes within […]

May 19th is Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD)! GAAD occurs annually to raise awareness about digital accessibility and inclusion for people with disabilities. Although GAAD is officially marked each year as the third Thursday in May, events covering a variety of digital accessibility topics are offered all throughout the months of May and June. Support […]